Animation – 3D-to-PixelArt SpriteSheets

Animations, Spritesheets of Characters for PixelArt style sidescroller.

A LowPoly Male (1436tris) and LowPoly Female (1464tris) Soldier Characters, configured to have almost interchangable clothing. (more tris with clothing/hair/accessories),

with multiple Animations:

  • Idle
  • Walk
  • Stab (with Bronze Gladius)

A LowPoly Monster “ArmaRollo” (736tris) Animated to Roll into a ball,

with multiple Animations:

  • Walk
  • Injured
  • Attack
  • RollAttack
  • Rolling
  • RollBegin

  1. I created the 3D meshes, and animations, and textured them with just a little detail mostly just basic colors.
  2. I converted 3D meshes to PixelArt style using this tool for Blender created by ShaunGreiner:
  3. Set the character to be in the pose of each Keyframe, and run the tool to give me an output image.
  4. I bring the output of that tool into GIMP and arranged each image into a SpriteSheet.
  5. Then in GIMP I do Colors-> Map -> PaletteMap ,  and select my Palette.



















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